Masala Core Values

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We, the crazy cats at Masala, hereby aspire...

  • To create community, an oasis of respect, responsibility, and cooperation in the destructively hyper-competitive camel-eat-camel desert of "America,"
  • To discriminate only based on species: we welcome all kinds of humans into our community,
  • To make decisions by consensus so as to hear, honor and accommodate the wishes and views of all of our members,
  • To offer housing that is an island refuge of sane affordability amidst the vast, scary, shark-infested ocean that is Boulder’s feudalistic rental market,
  • To provide a shiny, shiny example of cooperative living and offer support and resources for other budding co-ops, relentlessly, until we turn the White House into a Co-op & its occupants into cooperating tree-huggers,
  • To collectively and consciously purchase and consume nutritious food grown in ecological stewardship of the Earth that sustains us,
  • To share meals, stories, dilemmas, triumphs, tragedies, dish washing duty and utility bills,
  • To nurture each others talents, gifts, and individuality!
  • To declare by our very existence our independence from the socio-cultural climate that alienates us from our essential interdependence upon each other and the Earth we call home. We are a testament to the abilities of human beings to thrive in peaceful cooperation, mutual respect, and as responsible stewards. We are evidence of the great potential that lies in our enormous power to co-create and shape our world.
  • To do it all with gratitude, grace, love and wit, and in ecstatic revelry in the divine mysteries of the universe. -- Mo’s Legacy