Masala Basic Agreements

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  1. All members will receive equal treatment; there will be no hierarchy
  2. We will work towards being a safe haven for diverse lifestyles, cultures, spiritualities and ideologies
  3. All decisions will be reached through consensus
  4. The good of the house as a whole will come before any one individual’s personal desires
  5. We will strive to interact with an open heart and mind, to be aware and respectful of others’ emotional states and provide a safe space for heart-felt, caring dialogue
  6. We will support organic and local farms whenever possible
  7. We will promote the growth of the cooperative movement
  8. We will encourage member involvement in the greater community
  9. We will endeavor to minimize our environmental impact
  10. We will strive to maintain a gender balance in the house
  11. This is low-income housing and both rent and food costs shall reflect this