The Boulder Housing Coalition provides educational opportunities to its housing co-op members and to the community at large. For instance, each house is provided a scholarship toward sending one or more members to the fall  NASCO Institute in Ann Arbor, MI.

See below for other past and upcoming educational events sponsered by the Boulder Housing Coalition.

Friends in Community:

Please save the date! On Sunday, September 20th (about 11am-6pm), the Boulder Housing Coalition will offer a Theatre of the Oppressed training for residents of the Masala and Chrysalis co-ops. Non-residents are welcome to attend as well!

This weekend workshop is intended to increase & enhance group communication skills, increase understanding of social justice issues and offer us a creative and interactive container inside of which we can explore privilege and oppression ideas, concepts and feelings, toward the goal of becoming an intentional community that situates itself even more firmly and powerfully inside a social justice framework.

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews will be our Theater of the Oppressed Facilitator, joining us from Philadelphia. Morgan is a wonderful & skillful facilitator! Theater of the Oppressed or TO is the work of Augusto Boal. You can visit their website to learn more.
We will be learning and growing together at this training, which we’ve been discussing for a few months and for which we have collectively decided to commit BHC funds. So set aside this important date, and begin to get excited for this awesome training/development opportunity that the BHC wants each co-oper to have!
The workshop is being offerred on a sliding scale basis:
Residents: $40-$10
Non-Residents: $80-$20
Please let your friends know that they are welcome to attend as well!