Ostara Cooperative

Membership Application

Before Applying:

  • Due to conditions of our city grant funds, Ostara can NOT accept MOST students. Students can apply, but the City of Boulder requires that they are over 24 years of age OR have dependents to qualify. There are a few other exceptions, which you can read about on our Student Verification Form.

This information will be used to determine your qualification for tenancy in Ostara Community Housing. This information is CONFIDENTAL and will not be disclosed to anyone except the members of Ostara Co-op, Boulder Housing Coalition staff, and the city of Boulder/HUD (for the purpose of verification of income and general affordable housing data only). You are not required to provide this information, but without it, your tenancy application may be delayed or rejected. Any false statements given on this Rental Application are grounds for the rejection of your tenancy application.

Fair Housing Statement: The Boulder Housing Coalition and Ostara Community Housing are equal opportunity housing providers. The BHC and Ostara abide by the City of Boulder Prohibition of Discrimination in Housing Statement, as presented in ordinance #4571. The BHC and Ostara will not deny housing to any individual because of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender variance, marital status, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, parenthood, custody of a minor child, or mental or physical disability of that individual, or such individual's friends or associates.

When are you wanting to move in?
What city/state do you live in currently?
Are you currently a student?
What gender pronouns do you prefer?
i.e. they, them, theirs, or she, her, hers, or others
When is your birthday?
Do you have children? If so how many?
(We like kids! But we have occupancy caps and kids count.)
If we have more applications than available space,
would you like to be added to the Waiting List?

How did you find out about Ostara? ...google? a flyer? a friend?
How long would you like to live in Boulder? What is your 5-year plan as you know it?
What is it about cooperative living that interests you? Have previous experience?
What skills, abilities, and interests do you have that would contribute to our community?
Sustainability is an important part of our community. What part does sustainability play in your life?
What is your current occupation and how many hours per week do you work? What is your average annual income?
(While most House members must make below a certain amount, we have a few spaces which do not need to meet this requirement.)

Please list the name, phone number, and email of 1 past rental reference and 2 personal references.
Personal 1:
Personal 2:

OPEN-ENDED: What thoughts, ideas, epiphanies, or questions do you have for us?
(Quick spam check): To prove you're human, what U.S. state does Ostara reside in?

That's it!