Meet the Board & Staff

The BHC’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives elected by the members of our cooperative houses, and also by members of the community who have an interest in our mission, and expertise to lend it its implementation.  In the fullness of time, we anticipate that the majority of the Board will be composed of house reps.  However, at present we’ve only got 3 co-ops, so we’re leaning more heavily on the community.  The BHC Board uses a consensus decision-making process.

Below are the BHC’s board and staff members as of November, 2017

Shae Frydenlund, At Large Representative

Shae Frydenlund

Shae Frydenlund: Rep. at Large

Shae Frydenlund is a Ph.D. candidate in Geography at the University of Colorado. Her research interests include affordable housing access, labor, race, ethnicity and identity, and refugee resettlement. She has previously written on labor, race and ethnicity in Nepal’s Everest mountain industry, and is the author of  “Labor Racialization and Territory in Nepal’s Indigenous Nationalities Discourse: moving beyond “tribal” vs. “peasant” categories,” in the journal Himalaya. Her dissertation explores discourses of “refugee revitalization” that aim to incorporate refugees as economic agents of change within urban centers suffering from outmigration and decline. She is a co-founder of the Boulder Affordable Housing Research initiative, and is passionate about creating collaborative, beneficial research that increases access to housing for all.  Shae was appointed to the BHC board in December, 2016.

Christina Gosnell, At Large Representative

Christina Gosnell, Rep. at Large

Christina Gosnell, Rep. at Large, ECHO Committee Chair

Christina Gosnell moved to Boulder from Baltimore in 2008 to attend CU, where she studied Environmental Studies and worked for the CU Environmental Center. As a student, she fell into climate action, participating in Power Shift, knocking doors for the formation of a municipal utility, and volunteering with Colorado 350 and New Era Colorado. She helped found both the CU ENVS Club, and the divestment group Fossil Free CU.

Christina worked for two years with Clean Energy Action, a local climate advocacy non-profit, where she helped develop financing tools to facilitate utilities’ transition away from carbon intensive electricity infrastructure.  She volunteers with Boulder Food Rescue, and has biked nearly 17,000 lbs of food over the last two years.  She was also a founding member of BoCHA, which advocates for cooperative housing as an affordable, sustainable housing choice. In 2012 she also helped to found the Beet Collective, an independent housing cooperative in Boulder. She also serves on the Better Boulder Executive Committee, because she sees transit minded density as a tool for more inclusivity and less auto-dependent lifestyles, reducing fossil fuel use.

She now works for a local research firm, E9 Insight, where she tracks electricity regulation and helps renewable energy companies, nonprofits and national research labs navigate the changing regulatory landscape. She is also a founding member of the worker owned Catalyst Cooperative where she works with NGOs like the Climate Policy Initiative, organizing public data on electric utilities to aid in the transition from coal to clean electricity. She’s been car free and happy about it since 2013.

Christina was appointed to the BHC board in May, 2017. She serves as the chair of our ECHO Committee, which helps to certify housing cooperatives under Boulder’s new cooperative housing ordinance.

Allie Lubbs, Operations Director (Staff)

Allie Lubbs joined the BHC staff in August, of 2017 to help create our proposed new co-op in South Boulder. Allie previously lived in the Chrysalis Cooperative, and served as that house’s representative on the BHC Board in 2015.

Lincoln Miller, Executive Director (Staff)

Lincoln Miller

Lincoln Miller, Executive Director (Staff)

Lincoln Miller has lived in co-ops ranging in size from 7-27 people and has been involved with co-op development for 18 years. In that time he has been a founding member of 3 non-profit cooperative organizations. In 1996 Lincoln created the Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC), a 501(c)(3) Community Housing Development Organization, with Boulder’s then Mayor Will Toor. Between 1999 and 2002 Lincoln and Tony Sanny co-founded the Masala Co-op and worked on the acquisition of the property at 744 Marine St, creating the first permanently affordable rental co-op in Colorado. In 2004 Lincoln officially took on the role of the organization’s Executive Director, and led the acquisition of the Chrysalis Co-op for the BHC.  This created the first permanently affordable cooperative housing system in Colorado. He has served on all three of the NASCO boards, as well as the Board for the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Mr. Miller has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado and has completed all of the course work for the Certified Housing Asset Manager Designation (CHAM).

Michael Rush, Chrysalis House Representative

Mickey Rush, Chrysalis House Representative

Mickey Rush, Chrysalis House Representative

Michael (Mickey) Rush was elected to represent the Chrysalis Cooperative in November, 2016. Mickey hails from the northern metropolises of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, where he first heard the co-op gospel at the Minnesota Students’ Cooperative (now the East River Cooperative). Mickey has a B.S. in Physics from the University of Minnesota, and is now working on his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado. In addition, Mickey serves as a volunteer for Boulder Food Rescue, serves as a CU Restorative Justice community representative, and Shared Paths trail steward.


Zane Selvans, At Large Representative, Board Treasurer

Zane Selvans, At Large Rep., Board Treasurer, Development Committee Chair

Zane Selvans: Rep at Large, Board Treasurer, Development Committee Chair

Zane Selvans served on the BHC Board in 2003-2004 while getting his Ph.D. at CU in planetary geophysics, and re-joined the board in April of 2013 as the House Representative from Masala, where he lived from May 2011 until April 2016. He then moved into the Picklebric Cooperative and became an At Large Representative on the BHC Board. Zane is interested in cooperative housing as a way to make resource efficient living economical and socially rewarding. He currently wrangles electric utility data at Catalyst Cooperative, a small worker-owned consulting company that does energy data and policy analysis. Zane helped to found Boulder Cooperative Food, a bulk-buying co-op that serves many of Boulder’s housing cooperatives. In April of 2017 Zane was elected to the board of the food co-op. He also serves on the board of NASCO Development Services, which helps create housing co-ops nationwide. Zane chair’s the BHC’s Development Committee, which is dedicated to creating new housing co-ops in Boulder. He currently serves as the Board Treasurer. Zane enjoys dirt-road bike touring in the Rocky Mountains. You can snark at him on Twitter: @ZaneSelvans.

Sabrina Sideris, At Large Representative

Sabrina Sideris

Sabrina Sideris: Rep. at Large, Diversity, Inclusion & Education Committee Chair

Sabrina Sideris has been the Program Director of INVST Community Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder since 2007. She works to support learners as they decide upon a course of reflective action for social and environmental change. She has a Masters Degree in Peace Education from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, and she is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Higher Education at the University of Denver where she studies diversity and inclusion in institutions. Sabrina lived at the Masala Coop from 2007 – 2013 and has served on the BHC board for over 8 years. Sabrina is the chair of the BHC’s Diversity, Inclusion & Education Committee, which develops curriculum for and coordinates a program ongoing education for our co-op community.


Rebecca Uli, At Large Representative, Board President

Rebecca Uli, Rep. at Large, Board President

Rebecca Uli, Rep. at Large, Board President

Rebecca Uli joined the BHC board in December of 2015. She was a member of the Masala Cooperative from 2004-2007, and was a founding member of the Ostara Cooperative, living there from 2013-2015. She is the chair of the BHC’s Cooperation Committee, which provides group facilitation and mediation resources to housing cooperatives working through conflict and other community challenges. She was elected Board President in June, 2017.

Brianna (Bri) Vandyke, Ostara House Representative

Bri Vandyke was elected to represent the Ostara Cooperative on the BHC Board in September, 2017. She has previously served on the board of the Madison Community Cooperative, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sarah Wells, At Large Representative

Sarah Wells, Rep. at Large

Sarah Wells, Rep. at Large

Sarah Wells has been working with mission-based companies and nonprofits in Denver and Boulder for more than a decade.  She is a passionate advocate and skilled fundraiser with a commitment to using her powers for good and has worked primarily in the worlds of environmental stewardship, economic localization and affordable housing, in the following projects:  Relationships and Sponsorship Director at Two Parts, Deputy Director and founding Board member at the Mile High Business Alliance, and Regional Director at the ReDirect Guide: A sustainable business guide for the Front Range. In 2015, Sarah also helped to found the Queen City Cooperative, a private equity housing cooperative in Denver.  She and the other members are working on a limited equity shared ownership model to expand in Denver and assert that personal and community wealth are not mutually exclusive. Sarah joined the BHC board in April, 2017.



Amanda Wilsdorf, Masala House Representative

Amanda was elected to represent the Masala Cooperative in September, 2017.