Boulder Housing Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit with a grant from the City of Boulder to provide permanently affordable rental housing at our proposed new co-op on Ingram Court. Our loans and grants require that we have 12 bedrooms. The Cooperative Housing Ordinance allows an occupancy of 12 and it allows for requests to be made to Planning Board for an increase in occupancy. BHC is requesting an increase to 16 occupants at ingram to allow families to share bedrooms.  


  • An occupancy increase to 16 would allow families to share rooms.
  • Without an increase, they must rent one room for each person, including children, in the family and that makes the housing unaffordable.
  • We have turned away 5 single parent families because sharing bedrooms would not be allowed with an occupancy cap of 12.
  • All BHC houses have the capacity to allow residents to share rooms.


  • The house for the proposed Ingram Court Co-op is gigantic- over 4500 sq ft.
  • 16 residents would give us approximately 283 sq ft per occupant which is well above the 200 sq ft requirement put forth in the Co-op Housing Ordinance.
  • Every room in the proposed Ingram Court Co-op house is over 100 sq ft except for one. Six rooms are over 150 sq ft. making them ideal for sharing.
  • There is no addition being put on the house. We are working within the existing footprint to move from 9 to 12 bedrooms.
  • Chrysalis, Masala, and Ostara have between 204 and 265 sq ft per occupant. Ingram Court Co-op would surpass all of them.


  • Parking will not be affected by an increase to 16 occupants.
  • The house will still be limited to 3 on street parking spaces and this will be strictly enforced in the lease by the BHC.
  • All BHC members receive an eGo CarShare membership and a Community Cycles membership and a neighborhood eco-pass (if they are in a neighborhood ecopass district) and all of these efforts reduce traffic and parking issues.
  • Masala and Chrysalis are two other BHC houses with a combined 30+ years of operation. Both are 4 unit buildings with a legal occupancy of 16 people and a combined 1 off-street parking space and the sky did not fall, it’s fine.


The Boulder Housing Coalition (BHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Community Housing Development Organization dedicated to creating affordable, sustainable, community-enhancing, cooperative housing for the people of Boulder county. We currently manage three permanently affordable rental cooperatives in central Boulder: Masala, Chrysalis, and Ostara! These co-ops are home to more than 50 people, and make up the first affordable cooperative housing system in Colorado. We are working to create a federation of housing cooperatives that will provide both affordable rental and home ownership opportunities.