We are excited to announce that the BHC will be opening our fourth housing co-op this fall, in South Boulder!  We’re currently seeking enthusiastic founding members with experience in housing cooperatives, as well as a diverse set of brand new co-opers.  This could be you.

Ingram Membership Potluck Series:

In order to get potential co-op members familiar with each other and the project, the BHC is hosting a weekly series of potlucks in cooperation with Boulder’s broader housing co-op community. If you’re interested in helping to found the Ingram co-op, please join us!  In person interaction with the other potential members and the BHC’s Development Committee is a prerequisite for becoming a member of the new co-op. Dates and locations of currently scheduled events:

Additional Details:

The house is in the development stages right now, as we are working on finalizing financials, remodeling, etc.  So many details about the co-op are yet to be determined.  But!  Here is some tentative info:

  • The average rent will be about $675.  The monthly rent for the house as a whole is set, but the co-op members will decide how to divide the cost per each individual room.
  • The move-in date is planned for November 1st, however this could shift as the process of developing a house often does.  It would be best if the founding members have flexible housing situations prior to move-in. If the house opens early, folks can move in free of charge! First rent payments will be November 1st.
  • Co-op members will need to income qualify. The income cap for Ingram Court is $34,400/year. Members will also need to be able to show they have sufficient income to cover the rent, food, and utility costs associated with living in the co-op. Also, know that City regulations can make it very challenging for students to income qualify, but there are some exceptions for non-traditional students (over the age of 24, or with dependent children, or with a documented disability are some examples).
  • This year the City has also instituted an asset qualification process limiting residents of affordable housing to having no more than $55,000 in liquid assets.
  • The house is 4600sf, and will have 12 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and one big kitchen.
  • There will be shared bulk food, household consumables and durable goods, regular shared house meals and labor responsibilities, house meetings and governance.
  • The co-op will have autonomy in and responsibility for all the day-to-day operations and minor maintenance of the co-op. This includes things like fixing leaky plumbing, shoveling snow off the sidewalk, painting murals in the house, growing a garden, etc. The co-op will have an annual minor maintenance budget of several thousand dollars to work with.
  • The number of cars allowed at the co-op will be limited, due to the restrictions in the City of Boulder’s co-op ordinance, so many co-op members will need to be willing and able to live without a private car. We are exploring a partnership with eGo Carshare that would put a shared, potentially electric, vehicle on site.
  • All members will receive memberships to Community Cycles and eGo CarShare.
  • The co-op will elect one member to serve on the board of the Boulder Housing Coalition, which will have responsibility for major maintenance projects & capital investments.
  • The BHC is dedicated to upholding fair housing. Families with children are welcome and encouraged to apply, as are people of any racial or religious background, and any gender identity or sexual orientation.

Ok, so what does it mean to be a ‘founding member?’

  • You lay the groundwork for your community.  How do you want to make decisions together?  How do you want to organize your chore system?  What values are most important to you as a house?  Founding members will work together to write and pass their house bylaws before move-in.  This means some real work on the front end, we’re not gonna lie.  But not to worry!  We will give you lots of support through this process, and you won’t have to start from scratch (check out Masala’s bylaws for example).  If you already have a group and your own bylaws, outstanding!
  • Founding members will largely be responsible for the membership process to create the group.  The BHC will work with you to fill the spots if needed, especially in the beginning, but you will be doing a lot of the work getting the word out, conducting interviews, and approving new members.  Pre-existing co-ops/groups are encouraged to apply!
  • Also…  and most importantly…  you name your house!

If you’re interested in being part of the new co-op, you can apply now!  If you’d like more information or have any questions, our board member and Membership Coordinators, Allie Lubbs and Skye Hughes is here to help at: